My Style


My Style


My Wedding Photography Style

Nearly all the photographs I will take at a wedding are natural and unposed. People call it photo journalistic, natural, candid or reportage. I like to document your day with photos that evoke a feeling, trigger a memory or are more than just a snapshot. These images provide context and build the story of your day. I want you to look through your photos after your wedding and re-live it through the images while seeing some of the story from the sidelines, getting a feel for the experience of your guests. While shooting a wedding I will be spending a lot of time with the bride and groom but I will also get to see a lot of the little things that happen on your wedding day that you might miss like the groom nervously waiting for your arrival or Gran having a a cheeky dance with the best man. I want my photographs to convey the emotion, comedy and fun of your day.



I like to shoot from the perspective of a guest, blend in as much as possible and make people feel comfortable. I feel the photographs that convey the most emotion might not be captured if it wasn't for me being approachable, and sensitive to my surroundings and part of the skill with this style of photography is knowing when to lift the camera to your eye.

While for most of the day you may not even notice I am there, for those moments where photography is at the centre of attention, such as taking group photos, I always advise couples to keep their group shot list to an absolute minimum so that you can enjoy your day as much as possible. When I got married my first thought at the end of the day was how quickly it went by, savour the moment and I will capture it for you.

If this sounds like what you're looking for in a photographer let me know what you have planned...


Reportage Gallery

Reportage Gallery

 Back down the aisle as husband and wife.
 It's always the groom.
 There are stories in the corners of every wedding.
 Will it fit?
 We did it!

The Couple Shoot

The Couple Shoot


Keeping it natural...

The majority of my clients like to include a couple shoot in their wedding photography. This is essentially fifteen minutes or so where I will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding, preferably in the evening sunshine, and take some hero shots of just the two of you being awesome. This is a great opportunity for you to take a breath and soak in everything that has happened during the day, as well as get a minute to yourselves as all of your guests will likely have been vying for your attention.

However I still like to keep things natural and rather than expect you to pose like experienced models I will guide you into natural poses. I won't be asking for you to say cheese!


The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day


How does it work?

So now you have an idea of my style I want to tell you about what you can expect from me on the day.


Bridal Prep

This is not compulsory but for an all day wedding I think it is best to start at the beginning of the story. I will show up a short while before you put your dress on to cover you getting your hair and make up done and then reactions to your dress. If you opt for a second photographer one of the biggest advantages is being able to have groom prep covered as well.

Pre ceremony - The Groom

I will then head over to the ceremony, usually about half an hour before it starts to cover the Groom waiting and guest arrivals.



The Ceremony

When the bride arrives I will usually meet them outside to cover their arrival before heading into the ceremony. As well as the bridal party walking down the aisle I like to capture the grooms reaction.


After the ceremony I head to the drinks reception. This is where I like to get lots of photos of your guests enjoying themselves and it is often the time to take group formals if you are having them.




Before everyone heads in for the wedding breakfast I like to capture all of the details of your wedding. Often couples have painstakingly prepared their tables with favours, flowers and other special things that make the wedding unique to them.


I won't photograph people during dinner, it's not flattering or polite so this is when I usually take a short break and grab something to eat myself. But after dinner comes the speeches and lots of laughs and tears, I like to get close to the action and not miss a moment.


The Evening

After Dinner there is usually time for guests to relax after their food or for fun and games while the DJ or band get ready for the party. A lot of great moments can be captured during this time. It is also a prime opportunity for a couple shoot as the sun is usually low in the sky and offers beautiful light.

Cake Cutting and First Dance

This is the only time I will ever really use flash on my camera, as it is often the darkest time of day and people are moving quickly. I like to use flash to give my dancing photos a cinematic and dynamic feel, and also to create beautiful backlighting to the subject. It is shortly after the first dance, when I feel I have lots of great action shots of people on the dance floor, that I will say my farewells and depart. I will then begin editing your photos and you can usually expect to see your online gallery two weeks after your wedding, but I like it to be as soon as possible as I know couples are often excited to see the result and re-live their day.


Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Shoot

What's a pre wedding shoot?

Also referred to as an engagement shoot, a pre wedding shoot is an opportunity to get some beautiful portraits, usually over an hour or two at a scenic location special to you. It offers a chance for us to get know each other a bit better, talk about your plans and for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. And as a result you get a set of stunning images, great for 'save the date' cards and signing books.